Women in Islam – Um Habibah – Part 3

We are now about to touch a very special part in UmHabibah, which she learned from the prophet SAW. As we previously said, UmHabibah’s marriage to the prophet SAW influenced important Quraish chieftains such as Abu Sufyan.

Once her brother, Muawiyah, was visiting UmHabibah, and as he was about to leave, the prophet SAW told him something very important. The prophet SAW told him that he sincerely wished that they three sit together and have the pure drink of Paradise.

The prophet also liked Abyssiniah’s king, Najashi, because he was very kind to Muslims when they migrated there. Najashi also hosted a wedding banquet for all Muslims to celebrate UmHabibah’s wedding to the prophet SAW. Then Najashi finally embraced Islam after watching closely the Islamic way of life in Abyssiniah.

And when Najashi died, it was Jibril who told the prophet SAW about it, and the prophet asked Allah to forgive his sins. Furthermore, all the Muslims who were in Abyssiniah were very grieved when they heard about Najashi’s death. All Muslims prayed that Allah forgives Najashi because he was the one who defended their cause and hosted them.

Um Habibah’s knowledge of hadith and eloquence, ranked her third among the Mothers of the Believers after Aisha and UmSalamah. She narrated 65 hadiths of the prophet SAW, some of which were quoted by men such as Muawiyah, Abdullah ibn Zubair, etc.

When Um Habibah heard that Uthman was martyred, she prayed that the killer’s hand be cut off and that he be disgraced in public. Later on, a man attacked the killer in his house, and when the latter tried to defend himself, his hand got cut off. Then the killer tried to escape, so as he ran into the street his sheet fell, and he was left naked in public.

During her brother’s, Muawiyah, Caliphate, Um Habibah died in the 44th year of Hijrah. The last thing she did before her death was another touching story. She sent a message to both Aisha and Um Salamah where she apologized to both of them for any offense she might have caused them during disagreements between them.

May Allah be pleased with Um Habibah and with the all the Mothers of the Believers, Ameen.