Women in Islam – Um Habibah – Part 2

One night, while she was fast asleep, Um Habibah dreamed someone called out to her “Mother of the Believers!”. During that time, the prophet SAW had migrated to Medina and established the state. Then the news arrived to the prophet that Um Habibah was suffering in Abyssiniah after her husband rejection of Islam & death.

The prophet automatically sent Amr ibn Omayyah to Najashi with the message that he wants to marry Um Habibah if she wants to. Najashi sent his slave girl to Um Habibah with the message that the prophet SAW wants to marry her if she wants to. Um Habibah was so overjoyed with the news that she rewarded the slave girl with all the jewellery she was wearing. Then she nominated her relative from the tribe of Quraish, Khalid ibn Saeed as her representative for the marriage.

Najashi invited all Muslims in Abyssiniah to his palace and when they arrived, he announced Um Habibah’s marriage to the prophet SAW. Then Khalid ibn Saeed read the marriage vows and said “I have accepted the proposal of the prophet SAW to marry Um Habibah”.

Um Habibah’s dowry for the marriage was 400 hundred Dinars, from which she gave 50 Dinars to Najashi’s slave girl in charity. Najashi’s slave girl then surprised Um Habibah that she had embraced Islam and kept it a secret. And when Abu Sufyan heard that his daughter, Um Habibah, married the prophet SAW, he was happy although he hadn’t accept Islam yet. Um Habibah then went to Medina and united with the prophet SAW, who was very happy to hear the news of the Muslims in Abyssiniah.

When Quraish broke the treaty of Hudaibiah, Abu Sufyan came to Medina to renew it, and he visited his daughter, Um Habibah. As her father was about to sit down on the prophet’s SAW mattress, Um Habibah quickly rolled it up, so he asked why. She told her him that this mattress is used by a very pure and clean prophet, and that no idol worshiper could sit on it. Um Habibah was very keen that her father accepts Islam, so she kept explaining to him the manners she learned in Islam.

But it wasn’t until the Conquest of Mecca that Um Habibah”s father, Abu Sufyran pledged allegiance to Allah & his prophet SAW. On that particular day, Um Habibah’s joy knew no words. She was the happiest woman on earth seeing her father finally embracing Islam. And it was at this time that the following verse was revealed to the prophet SAW:

“Perhaps Allah will make friendship between you and those whom you hold as enemies. And Allah has power, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful” (60:7).

Um Habibah’s marriage to the prophet SAW influenced important Quraish chieftains and leaders as Abu Sufyan, Muawiyah and Yazid.

More on this in sha’ Allah in Part 3…