Women in Islam – Um Emarah – Part 1

This article is about a woman whom the prophet SAW prayed for her whole family, and you can’t imagine what the prayer was. This article is about Um Emarah, an Ansari woman from Medina, and among the first believers in Islam.

When Musab ibn Omair went to the prophet for the second time, he brought with him 72 men and two women to pledge allegiance to Allah and His messenger. One of the two women was Nassebah, or Um Emarah. And their allegiance was known in Islamic history as the Second Oath of Aqaba.

When Um Emarah returned to Medina after the oath, she devoted herself to the education of women in accordance with Islamic teachings. She also took part in the Battle of Uhud, the Battle of Hunain, the war of Yamamah, and the Treaty of Hudaybiyah. Actually the courage and skill of Um Emarah in the Battle astonished those who saw her. The prophet SAW said that in whichever direction he turned in the battlefield, he could see Um Emarah defending and protecting him.

Um Emarah, her two sons, and her husband surrounded the prophet SAW to ward off and repel any attack on him. While defending the prophet SAW, he noticed that Um Emarah was bleeding from her shoulder, so he asked her son Abdulah to bandage her. Moments later, Abdullah got injured and a fountain of blood gushed out of his arm. Um Emarah bandaged him and asked him to keep his courage and resume his fighting. And when the prophet SAW saw the heroism and courage of both Um Emarah and her son, he SAW smiled and asked from where anyone can get courage like you, O Um Emarah?

The man who injured Um Emarah’s son then came back to attack the prophet SAW, so the prophet told her that he’s the one who injured Abdullah. Um Emarah took her sword, and struck a powerful blow cutting off the man’s leg. The man fell face down, and a few companions killed him. The prophet SAW smiled again and thanked Allah for soothing her grief and avenging her by the death of the enemy before her very eyes.

During this battle, Um Emarah sustained at least 12 major wounds, the deepest of which was on her shoulder by a man named Ibn Qami’ah. The shoulder wound was so deep that Um Emarah fainted, and it took her around a year to heal it. But what was Um Emarah’s first question after she regained consciousness?Was it about her sons?Or was it about her husband? Well neither! Um Emarah rather asked about the prophet SAW, if he was fine, and if anyone of the enemies was able to hurt him while she fainted. Once told that the prophet SAW was fine, did she then ask about her family? Well, no, she first thanked Allah for saving His prophet.

Um Emarah also fought in the battle against Musaylimah the Liar, where she sustained 11 wounds and got her arm cut. Furthermore, her other son Habib was martyred in the battle, killed by Musaylimah himself, but the brave Um Emarah stood strong. But time and again, Allah SAW soothed Um Emarah when she got the news that her other son Abdullah is the one who killed Musaylimah among other companions.

To be resumed in shaa’ Allah in Part 2…