Women in Islam – The Only Muslim in Town

Today’s story is yet another recent true story, of an American revert sister, i.e. from the land of liberty and democracy, who chose Islam. Subhan Allah, this particular sister never stopped to impress me with almost every tweet she posted; so thoughtful, deep, and touching.

This would all sound normal, but not when you know that she’s only 16 years old. And yes, today’s story is about a 16-year-old revert. You’d think she reverted at the age of 16, but how about converting at the age of 14? I guess we surely have an inspirational story here.

It all started when she met another Muslim Sister online. Oh yes, so you better be careful with what you post online, as it works both ways. Back then, all her knowledge about Islam was related to 9/11 and all the lies spread about it, but this sister clarified most of it for her. As a result, she became interested in Islam, to the point that she asked her online friend to teach her about it for an hour daily.

Let me pause here for a second, and ask, how many of us devote an hour daily to learn their Deen? She did it at 14, and she wasn’t even a Muslim yet.

Those daily sessions triggered her interest in Islam even more. She couldn’t wait, so she started buying books and reading more and more. Having attended all those online sessions, and read all those books, this is what she had to say about Islam. Listen carefully my Ummah:

“Islam just seemed so much more vast, so much more realistic than Christianity, more understanding of human nature”.

13 years old, huh?

“”I felt so overwhelmed – I realized it was a life-changing decision.. a little less than a month after my 14th birthday Alhamdulillah I took my shahadah..”.

But what her family? How did they perceive this? The brave young girl, first told her sister about it, then she told her mom, who took her to the masjid to take her Shahadah. Oh yes, “And for those who fear Allah, He (ever) prepares a way out” (65:2). So her family wasn’t an obstacle as many might imagine.

But how about being the only Muslim in the house? Town? City? How about the only Hijabi at school? Be grateful for what you got people!

When asked if she goes to parties, her reply was if her 1-year-old niece’s birthday party counts. Do you still think you can’t live without parties?

She doesn’t think twice when it comes the smartest decision she ever made, obviously converting to Islam. And when many of us dream about visiting Disney, and the beaches, her dream travel destination is Mecca. May Allah grant it to her.

When asked if she believes in love at first sight, her reply was “Unless you can tell Deen and character from the first look, nah.”

And when our dream house is a villa with a swimming pool, hers is one that is “A short walk away from a Masjid”. Does this make u cry yet?

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose? So is it Justin Bieber, Matt Demon, or Brad Pitt people?

Her choice went for “Prophet Muhammad (sal allahu alayhi wa sallam), Khadija (radi allahu anha), & Aisha (radi allahu anha)”. Speechless!

I rarely do #FF on Twitter, but Jodi was definitely one worthy exception. Please go follow her @MuslimUmmahFTW and give her every support you could.