Women in Islam – Hafsah – Part 2

Hafsah was married to the prophet PBUH in the 3rd year of Hijrah, before the Battle of Uhud. She was 22 years old back then. On seeing off his daughter to the prophet’s house, Omar told her never to compete with Aisha, the prophet’s favorite. Hafsah’s marriage to the prophet PBUH, completed his prediction that she would marry someone better than Othman.

After Hafsah’s marriage, Abu Bakr told Omar that the prophet PBUH had mentioned to him that he intended to marry Hafsah. So now Omar finally understood that Abu Bakr’s silence was because he couldn’t reveal the prophet’s secret.

After her marriage to the prophet PBUH, Hafsah became even more absorbed in studying the tiny details of Islam. She would even memorize the verses of the Quran as soon as they were revealed to the prophet PBUH.

The prophet PBUH once said that all the people who had given the pledge at Hudaybiyah would go to Paradise. Hafsah, unconvinced, asked how come? She quoted the verse from Chapter Maryam which says “There is not one of you but will pass over it (Hell)” and insisted to know how they’d go to Paradise. The prophet PBUH replied by quoting the very next verse to it which says “Then We shall save those who use to fear Allah and were dutiful to Him”. When Omar heard about Hafsah’s dispute with the prophet PBUH, he chided her and reminded her once again that she’s not like Aisha.

One day, Aisha noticed one day that the prophet PBUH spends more time in Zainab’s house because she offered him his favorite honey. So Aisha, Saudah and Hafsah decided they would tell the prophet PBUH that he had a strange smell in his mouth after he comes from Zainab’s house. When the prophet PBUH heard the same comment from all three of them, he decided to give up the honey he loved. But at his decision, and because his actions become Shari’a Law for Muslims, the following verse was revealed “O Prophet, Why do you forbid that which Allah has allowed to you, seeking to please your wives?” (66:1).

Later on, the prophet PBUH confided a secret to #Hafsah, and told her not to tell anyone. But she just couldn’t, and told Aisha. So Allah revealed “And when the prophet disclosed a matter of confidence to one of his wives, then she told it”(66:3).

By the 9th year of Hijrah, riches were abundant, so the prophet’s PBUH wives, including Hafsah asked for an increase in their household allowances. When Omar heard about this, he was very upset and told Hafsah that she should only ask him if she needs anything.

Hafsah died in the 41st year of Hijrah at the age of 59. At the time of her death, she was fasting. Her funeral prayers were led by the governor of Medina, Marwan ibn Hakam. Abu Huraira and Abu Said AlKhodrei were among those who carried Hafsah’s shroud to the Baqi’ graveyard in Medina. Her brothers Abdullah ibn Omar and Assim ibn Omar placed her gently into her final resting place.

“Verily the pious will be in the midst of gardens and rivers. In a seat of truth, near the Omnipotent King” (54:54-55). May Allah be please with our beloved mother Hafsah & peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet Mohamed, Allah’s mercy to mankind.