Women in Islam – Fatimah bint Mohamed – Part 7

In the 5th year of Hijrah, a daughter was born to Fatimah and Ali, and the prophet SAW named her Zainab. Then in the 7th year of Hijrah another daughter was born, and the prophet SAW named her Um Kulthoom. When both grew up Zainab married Abdullah ibn Jaafar ibn Abi Taleb, and Um Kulthoom married Umar ibn Al-Khattab.

Whenever the prophet SAW came back from a journey, he would first go to his masjid in Medina and pray two rak’ats, then he would visit Fatimah.

When Surat Al-Nasr was revealed, the prophet SAW sent for Fatimah and told her that his life on earth was now coming to a close. At hearing this, Fatimah started to weep, so the prophet SAW told her that among his family members, she would be the first to meet him. And at hearing this, she started to smile of joy that she would be the first family member to die after the prophet SAW. And she did!

When the prophet’s SAW condition started to deteriorate, Fatimah couldn’t bear to see him suffering. To soothe her, the prophet SAW told her that after that day he would never have to suffer again. And indeed on that day, he passed away.

Ibn Katheer says that after the prophet passed away, no one ever saw Fatimah smile. Her grief remained until she passed away six months later.

“To Allah we belong and to Him we return” (Quran 2:56).

Ali and her four children, Al-Hassan, Al-Hussain, Zainab and Um Kulthoom were left to mourn Fatimah’s death at a very young age. She was shrouded by her husband, Ali, Asma’ bint Omais and Salamah Um Raf’ and was buried in Al-Baqi’ graveyard in Medina. Her husband, Ali ibn Abi Talib, Al-Abbas, and Al-Fadl ibn Al-Abbas placed her into her final resting place.

And thus, Fatimah bint Mohamed, the leader of the virtuous women of Paradise set out on her journey to Paradise.

“O the one in rest and satisfaction! Come back to your Lord – well pleased and well pleasing. Enter you then among My servants, and enter you My Paradise”.

May Allah be pleased with Fatimah bint Mohamed, and gather us with her and her father SAW in Paradise, Ameen!