Women in Islam – Fareeah bint Malik

This lady is one who attended the pledge of ‘Ridwan’, and hence was giving the glad tidings of Paradise by the prophet SAW. Her brother was Abu Saeed Al-Khudri, the great Muslim scholar of the grand masjid of Medina. This lady is Fareeah bint Malik, whose father was martyred in the Battle of Uhud while defending the prophet SAW.

When her brother gave her the news of their father’s martyrdom in Uhud, she accepted it with equanimity, courage and patience. Fareeah rather showed relief that the prophet SAW returned safe and sound from the battle.

By the time of their father’s death, Fareeah and her brothers had no means of sustenance at home, but they displayed exemplary patience. They had once heard the prophet SAW once say that one who is content and trusted in Allah, is made wealthy by Him SWT. As a result, the family was made wealthy and prosperous beyond belief.

Fareeah married Sahl ibn Rafi who was later on murdered, so the prophet SAW advised her to stay home until the end of the mourning period. Then once the mourning period of four months and ten days passed, Fareeah devoted her whole life to the service and propagation of Islam.

During the Caliphate of Uthman bin Affan, a lady’s husband died, and the court was unsure where the wife should spend the mourning period. As a result, Fareeah was summoned to the court of the Caliph, to give her testimony on this matter. And Fareeah’s testimony that the wife stays at her deceased husband’s home was instantly accepted and applied by the court.

Do I hear anyone say that Islam oppresses women, when a single woman’s testimony was applied during Uthman’s Caliphate? Get real people!

In their study of traditions and hadiths, many great scholars would approach Fareeah for authentication and reference. Many great scholars in Medina, Syria, Iraq and Egypt based their fatwas regarding the wife’s mourning period on Fareeah’s opinion.

In the 6th year of Hijrah,1400 companions swore allegiance to Allah and His messenger under the tree in Hudaybiyyah; Fareeah was one of them. The ardor and spirit of sacrifice of these people appealed so much to Allah that He promised them all Paradise. Surely such a promise is given to only the very fortunate, and Fareeah bint Malik was one of them.

May Allah be pleased with Fareeah bint Malik, Ameen!