Prophet Muhammad Biography – Part 11 – The First Revelation

Before Mohammed SAW, decadence and corruption were widespread; so widespread that individual men couldn’t remedy affairs. The situation required the change of an entire outlook in life and a new way of living needed to be introduced. It was time for Mohammed SAW. It was time to bring mankind out of darkness and into light; to transform mankind to the extent that they become entirely new beings.

It was time for Mohammed SAW, as mankind’s state prior to him was best described in the following verse:

“and remember Allah’s favor on you, for your were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace, you became brethren, and you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, and He saves you from it” (3:103).

It was simply the time for prophet Mohammed SAW.

Then Allah SWT started to show the prophet SAW some signs of his prophethood, so that he gets ready for the most noble mission to mankind.  The prophet SAW said “Verily I know a stone in Mecca that would extend greetings of peace to me before I was sent; indeed I know it now” [Muslim]. And whatever the prophet SAW would see in a dream would occur in exactly the same manner in real life.

Furthermore, inward change occurred to the prophet SAW as solitude and worship were made beloved to him in the cave of Hira, north of Mecca. The prophet SAW would remain in the cave for periods starting from 10 days and up to a month. So humanity was ready, and he SAW was ready.

The prophet SAW was now 40 years old, in cave Hira, seeking Allah, and contemplating the universe around him. Then came the most blessed moment in this universe’s history, as angel Jibreel came to him and said “Read”. And the prophet SAW replied “I am not of those who read”. Jibreel AS took him and embraced him so strong that he became very much fatigued. Then he released him and said “Read”, and the prophet repeated “I am not of those who read”. And he repeated it twice before finally reciting:

“Read, in the name of your Lord, Who has created. He has created man from a clot. Read, and your Lord is the Most Generous, Who has taught by the pen.He has taught man that which he knew not” (96-1:5).

And the world changed forever, as the 1st revelation was down, and the teacher of mankind was receiving the most blessed message to mankind.

With a trembling heart, the prophet SAW ran back to Khadeejah saying “Cover me! Cover me!”, and told her what had just taken place. Then the prophet SAW told Khadeejah “I feared for myself”, only for her to reply with words of gold which were engraved in human history. Khadeejah said “Never! By Allah, Allah will never forsake you, for you join the ties of family relation, you bear the burden of the weak, you give to people what no one else is able to give, you hospitably entertain your guests, and you help people who are afflicted with calamities”. That was Mohammed SAW even before receiving the first revelation.

Khadeejah then took Mohammed SAW to her cousin Waraqah ibn Nawfal, a knowledgeable Christian who was able to write in the Hebrew language. Prophet Mohammed SAW told Waraqah in detail what had happened to him in cave Hira. Now listen what Waraqah had to say about this. Prophet Mohammed SAW told Waraqah in detail what had happened to him in cave Hira. Now listen what Waraqah had to say about this.

Waraqah told Mohammed SAW “I wish to be alive when your people expel you”. The prophet asked “And will they indeed expel me?”. Waraqah replied “Yes, no man has ever come with what you come with, except that he has been treated as an enemy. If I am alive when that day of yours comes, I will indeed support you and help you a great deal”. Shortly thereafter, Waraqah died.

Insha’Allah we shall discuss the most important lessons which could be inferred from the first revelation in Part 12…