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salaam. alhamdulillah, i have learnt the glorious asma-ul-husna, and for years ive wanted to teach my friends but i fear that i tell them to please them(this will destroy me). for so long, ive resisted telling them that i know the 99 names but i wish i could teach someone. thats all i want.

Wa alaikum assalam… that’s one of the most beautiful things you could do in this life.. telling people about Allah SWT.. bringing them closer to their Creator.. helping people find Allah, earn His love and love Him back.. here is what I suggest..
1) Have a strong intention to do it for Allah’s sake.. and not to please anyone..
2) Have confidence in yourself.. in shaa Allah you’ll make it.. repeat this to yourself daily..
3) Make a lot of Dua (suppplication).. ask Allah SWT for sincerity..
4) Do not make it sound like you’re teaching them (teacher and student style), rather be smart, pick a certain incident as it happens, which triggers one of Allah’s names.. and use it to share your thoughts and knowledge on that particular name..
5) If they like or are impressed by what you tell them.. remind yourself that this is the result of your sincerity and Dua.. and never the result of your smartness or superiority to anyone of them..
Keep doing these.. and in shaa Allah you’ll be safe.. may Allah guide us all…
And Allah knows best…

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