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is it ok for a non muslim girl to put the veil thinking its protective & fashionable too? no offense please!

You’re so polite, no offense taken whatsoever! I mean why wouldn’t it be OK? Hijab (the veil) was ordained for Muslim women as a mean of protection more than anything else.. the reason you’re inclined to wear it is because I’m assuming your ‘Fitrah’ (instinct/human nature) is still intact.. which implies you’re very truthful to yourself.. I definitely encourage you to put it on.. and if I may suggest, also please read a bit on why Islam made it compulsory for Muslim women to wear it.. but most importantly, please check the criteria of the Muslim Hijab so at least you make sure you’re following the latest fashion *laughing*.. here’s a summary for your review:

1. It should cover the entire body except what has been excluded, so based on different scholars opinions exceptions are either the face and hands, or the eyes and hands (in the case of a Niqab)
2. It should be thick and opaque so that it doesn’t reveal skin color nor body shape
3. It should be loose enough to not show the body shape nor size
4. It should not be attractive either by color or appearance
5. It should be different from male fashion styles
6. It should be different from unbelievers’ clothes
7. It should not be extreme, showy, etc.
And Allah knows best..

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