Trusting Allah

Trusting Allah is key to piety, we need it every step of the way, but especially before Ramadan as we prepare for the big reward. Trusting Allah comes in two forms: 1) Trusting that He knows your exact needs and what you don’t need 2) Trusting him in your worship. Also trusting Allah maybe voluntary, as in good times, and it may be involuntary, like when one is inflicted with difficulties and tests. Voluntary trust in Allah is definitely more pleasurable to Allah, so wouldn’t it be better if we flee to Him now before Ramadan and renew our trust in Him SWT?

Trusting Allah means submitting your heart to Him knowing that He’ll never desert you, and submitting your body in worship as he ordered you to.

Trusting Allah means fully relying on Him and on Him “alone”, resting fully assured that no one can harm you in such a state of heart.

Trusting Allah means never complaining to people about your life, because deep in your heart you know Allah has already chosen what’s best for you. Trusting Allah is realizing that complaining to people is worthless because deep in your heart you know they’re as helpless as you are. For complaining to someone about a life calamity is identical to complaining about the One Who has mercy on you to one who has no mercy.

Trusting Allah means complaining about one’s self to Allah, rather than complaining about The Most Merciful to His pitiless creatures. There are three ranks here: 1) Complaining about yourself to Him 2) Complaining about His creatures to Him, or 3) Complaining about Him to His creatures. So make sure you always stick to No. 1. Stick to No. 1 and only complain about yourself to Him, and He will turn every other creature to your service so you won’t need to complain again.