The Descent from Jannah

The descent of Adam AS and Eve from Paradise to earth is probably the most important event in our lives, so do you know why it happened?! Allah SWT is The Wise, so He had plenty of wisdom in letting Adam enter Paradise first, sin, then descend to earth, let’s try to understand.

Let’s assume Adam AS and Eve never sinned, and never left Paradise, do you think you would have ever appreciated Allah’s blessings? No! Let’s assume we never left Paradise, how do you expect to see Allah’s beautiful names in action? The Merciful, The Forgiving, The Sustainer? Let’s assume we never left Paradise, how do you expect to believe in the Unseen? And even better, get rewarded for it? He SWT is The Wise!

We were all created from a grip of this soil, fertile and infertile, and hence varied between good and bad. This life is our filtration test! The other alternative would have been that we all stay in Heaven, and whoever sins goes to eternal Hell; would you have preferred this?! “In order that Allah may separate the filthy from the pure, and placing the filthy atop one another, make a heap and throw them into hell; it is they who are the losers” (8:37). Remember that Allah SWT already had the angels who worship Him 24/7, but He SWT gave you a brain and freewill for a double reward!

Did you ever think that with your creation, Satan’s arrogance was exposed? The moment he refused to prostrate to Adam AS the truth came out! Then Allah SWT decreed that we (humans) and them (devils) come down to earth so He SWT may give us the HONOR of obeying Him! So are you?! Allah SWT sent us detailed instructions on how to get back to Heaven; meanwhile, He subjected a whole universe to help us get closer to Him!

He SWT created the rich and the poor, for the rich to be thankful, and the poor to be patient; so rather pay attention to your reaction! This Heaven has plenty of levels, and one of the reasons you’re here on earth is to earn your level there, so kindly pay attention! The Quran has the most detailed description of Heaven and Hell to remind you not to pick the temporary waste at the expense of the eternal.

May Allah SWT show us His Straight Path, make us among His chosen slaves, and grant us eternal Heaven, Ameen!