Signs of Allah’s Satisfaction

One of the most repeated questions and endless dialogues every Muslim has with themselves is whether Allah is satisfied with them or not. Are there clear signs, which can reveal if Allah SWT is satisfied with us or not? The answer is yes, and today we will discuss seven such signs. The more of those seven signs you can find in yourself, then mashaa Allah the more Allah SWT is satisfied with you, and vice versa. On the other hand, if, Allah forbid, you can’t find any of those signs in yourself, then you’re in serious trouble. So what are those 7 signs?

  1. Allah facilitates worship and good deeds for you. Do you pray on time? Pay your Zakah? Fast? Give charity? Do you have mercy on people? If your answer was yes to the previous question(s), then mashaa Allah, you have passed the first sign/test. Otherwise, wake up! Delaying Salah, skipping Zakah, avoiding fasting without a valid reason are definitely no signs of Allah’s satisfaction.Repent and get back!
  2. Your heart is filled with Allah’s name “Al-Salam” or peace. Are you calm in front of trials? Do you accept Allah’s will with trust?! Or do you rather grieve and revolt when something happens against your will? It’s OK to feel sad, but it’s Haram to object Allah’s will!
  3. Complete belief in Allah’s promise of victory and empowerment of the believers, regardless of the tribulations and no matter the trials.It took the prophet 13 years, full of trials and hardship, but also full of trust and belief, until he established the first nation in Medina. If you think it’s impossible for true Islam to come back and prevail, you’re not just being negative, you’re rather denying Allah’s promise!
  4. Livelihood is “not” your first priority. This is because Allah SWT has guaranteed livelihood for everyone one of His creatures. Remember, you are only required to make the effort of turning this earth into a better place, as for livelihood, Allah has granted it for you. Therefore, make worship your first priority, then work for Allah’s sake, and your livelihood will reach you no matter where you are.
  5. Spending time alone with Allah, reading the Quran and doing Dhikr (remembrance), and never getting bored with it. You spend some quality time with your loved ones, don’t you? But how about Allah? Dont claim you love Him unless you go out of your way for Him. Spending regular times pondering on the beauty of this universe, reading the Quran and doing Dhikr are all signs of Allah’s satisfaction!
  6. Enjoying the company of pious and righteous people. They remind you of Allah, so how can you not enjoy their presence? If you spend most of your time with people who disobey Allah (unless preaching them), how can you assume His love? Make no mistake about it, a righteous company, reminding one of Allah and rectifying his flaws, is a sign of Allah’s satisfaction.
  7. Eagerness to learn Islam and preach it to others. If you love Allah, then you should learn His religion,and tell the whole world about Him. We spend a “lot” of time talking about our loved ones, that’s ok, but make sure you tell people and remind them of Allah as much if not more.

It was narrated that prophet Moses AS said: O Lord, tell me about the signs of your satisfaction with your servant. So Allah revealed to him: If you see Me facilitating obedience for My slave and impeding transgression for him, then that is the sign of My satisfaction. Finally, the prophet said “Allah is pleased with His slave when he eats something and praises Him for it, or drinks something and praises Him for it” [Muslim].

May Allah SWT make us among His slaves He is most satisfied with, Ameen!