Faith and the Principles of Monotheism

Wouldn’t it be better if we learned about faith and monotheism from an absolute source instead of all those personal opinions? Well, this is exactly what Allah SWT gives us in Surat Al-Kahf, which we’re supposed to read every Friday as a reminder of the whole story. Then the full details are disclosed to us in Surat Qaf, which the prophet once read, verse by verse, instead of lecturing his companions.

The crystal clear message throughout Surat Qaf is that this life is the smaller world, and that the bigger one is called the Hereafter. The truth is that on Resurrection Day, you and everyone else will come driven by one angel, and witnessed by another. Then the second angel will say “Here is the record ready with me” (50:23); your record and everybody else’s, for a permanent destination.

Allah will bring back your very same body and your very same soul for either reward or punishment, Heaven or Hell; there is no other option. And the disbelievers say “That is a far return” (50:3), are you challenging your Lord people? How did He create you in the first place?! And the Most Merciful still tries to convince them “We know that which the earth takes of them (their dead bodies)” (50:4), to no avail.

Then Allah SWT warns us of these disbelievers “So they are in a confused state (cannot differentiate right from wrong)” (50:5). And He reminds us so that we don’t get distorted by their lies “Were we then tired with the first creation?” (50:15). Answer your Lord! Or listen to His answer “And nothing of fatigue touched Us” (50:38), so how dare you doubt that He will bring us all back on Resurrection Day?!

Then Your Lord gives you exact tiny details so that you don’t ever fall victim to the disbelievers’ lies, listen carefully now and imagine! “And the trumpet will be blown, that will be the day whereof warning (Resurrection Day)” (50:20). Can you imagine the trumpet?! The tiny details leave no room for excuses, so “Indeed you were heedless of this” (50:22), may Allah SWT protect us all from heedlessness!

And this is when the devil betrays them all and says “Our Lord! I did not make him transgress, but he was (himself) far astray” (50:27), may Allah protect us! And your Lord concludes “And I am not unjust to My slaves” (50:29) and He sends the believers to Paradise, may we all be among them!

So why our Lord did You tell us the whole story in advance? Why did You include every tiny detail? Now listen carefully as your Lord answers:

“Indeed in this is a reminder for anyone who keeps a heart, or listens attentively” (50:37).

“The day when all will hear the Scream with the truth; this is the day of coming out of the graves” (50:42).

Now please go read Surat Qaf and try to visualize the whole scenario; trust me, it will change your life forever!