Dajjal, False Messiah – Part 2

Now that we know how Dajjal looks like, where he will appear and how to protect ourselves against his deception, it’s time to learn who will be victims of his deception. Many people think that Dajjal will only deceive non-Muslims, however, this is not true; it’s just that Muslims won’t be the majority of those deceived. Allah SWT said “And fear the turmoil which will certainly not fall only upon a few selected unjust people among you” (8:25), so rather everyone will subjected to Dajjal’s deception!

The prophet SAW said “Between the creation of Adam AS and the onset of the Hour, there is no creation that has more impact than the Dajjal”. So how exactly will Dajjal deceive people so one can be prepared? In one word, piety! Don’t wait until the last moment to obey your Lord, or else, it will be too late! The prophet SAW said “He will have water and fire with him; but his fire is cool water and his water is fire, so do not destroy yourselves” [Muslim].

So how do you expect to differentiate between Dajjal’s water and fire if not with the help of Allah through the grace of insight?! Do not expect Allah to protect you from the trial of Dajjal if you don’t already protect yourself against all that displeases Allah! All those who neglect their prayers, deal in Riba, don’t observe their proper Hijab, are potential followers of Dajjal. Just obey Allah, learn what the prophet SAW taught us about Dajjal and pray for Allah’s protection, “and your Lord does not wrong any one” (18:49)!

Now let’s look at how events will unfold until the death of Dajjal. First off, the Jews will announce that their awaited Messiah has arrived. Whenever this happens, know that instead, Dajjal has appeared! Then “Seventy thousand of the Jews of Isbahan will follow Dajjal, wearing Tayalisahs (Persian shawls)” [Muslim]. Isbahan is in Iran!

The prophet SAW further explains that “There is no part of the land that Dajjal will not enter, except Mecca and Medina.. there are angels in ranks guarding them” [Muslim]. So basically, the safest two cities against the tribulation of Dajjal are Mecca and Medina. Nonetheless, he will try to conquer Medina. The prophet SAW said “Dajjal will come and when he reaches behind (Mount) Uhud, the angels will turn his face towards Sham (Levant), and it is there that he will be destroyed” [Tirmidhi].

Once Dajjal fails to enter Medina and takes his army back towards Syria, our beloved Jesus son of Mary will return to glorify Islam! Let’s hear it in the words of the prophet SAW:

“Allah will send the Messiah, the son of Mary, peace be upon him, who will descend to the white minaret in the east of Damascus. He will be wearing two garments lightly perfumed with saffron, placing his hands on the wings of two angels. When he lowers his head, water will drip, and when he raises it, it will scatter drops like pearls. Every disbeliever, to whom his breath reaches, will die; and his breath will reach as far as he can see. He (Jesus) will pursue him (Dajjal) until he catches him at the gate of Ludd (15 km Southeast of Tel Aviv), and kills him” [Muslim].

Finally, the prophet SAW taught us that “Islam began as something strange and will go back to being strange; so glad tidings to the strangers”, so BE a stranger!