99 Names of Allah: Al-Mu’min

“He is Allah, except Whom there is no God, the King, the Pure, the Giver of Peace, the Bestower of Safety” (59:23). Allah’s name Al-Mu’min (the Believer) is taken from believing or being safe, and by His mercy, He derived the name “believers” from it. Therefore, if you know Al-Mu’min, you’ll be rightly guided, have right vision, clear insight and correct interpretation of events.

Al-Mu’min’s words in the Quran make you believe Him because His deeds are indications of His words. He is Allah! Al-Mu’min created steel with fixed hard features, so that when it’s mixed with cement and a building is constructed, you feel safe inside. Al-Mu’min made the earth move with a speed of 30 kilometers per second with great tranquility, so life could be possible on it.

Al-Mu’min means the Bestower of Safety and the Guardian of Faith. One way of seeing this is that by feeling safe your faith is guarded. Hence, earthquakes are nothing but a reminder for all those who deny Al-Mu’min, the Bestower of Safety and the Guardian of Faith, Allah! Al-Mu’min made the sun “always” rise from the east and set in the west for thousands of years, so we may safely calculate time. Hence, the day the sun rises from the west, it will all be over as it will mark the end of time, the thought of it is simply horrifying. Consequently, the core difference between a believer and a non-believer, is the feeling of security. And where is this from? Al-Mu’min!

A believer’s heart is filled with stability, acceptance of fate, knowledge of his Creator’s perfection;and where is this from? Al-Mu’min! If you know Al-Mu’min, rest assured that He will defend you, bestow you, assure you & above all, secure you. He is the Bestower of Safety. Al-Mu’min gave you the eyes to see your way, and the ears to discover movements around you, and feel secure. He is the Bestower of Safety!

To live by Allah’s name Al-Mu’min be a source of security for others, and never a source of damage, hurt, conspiracy or deception. If a sister has a marriage prospect, make sure he knows what Al-Mu’min means. Because if he does, he’d never oppress, disgrace or hit her. The prophet said “The Muslim is the one whom Muslims are secured from his tongue and his hand”[Tirmidhi]; and you get this from Al-Mu’min.

Serve others, sacrifice, praye, fast, and Al-Mu’min, the Bestower of Safety will secure you, not just in this life,but in the other as well. He is Allah, the King of all kings, He is Al-Mu’min, the Believer, yet He allowed you to call yourself a believer too. What an honor!