Women in Islam – Zainab bint Jahsh – Part 4

Zainab once called Safiyyah (one the prophet’s SAW wives) a Jewess, and when the prophet SAW knew, he was very upset. In fact,the prophet SAW was so upset that he stopped talking to Zainab. Zainab felt very guilty and realized her grave mistake. Then she finally request Aisha to advocate her case with the prophet SAW and tell him that she was sincerely repentant.

Remember Zainab’s witness to the prophet SAW during the slander? Because Allah is the Fair, Aisha will return it back now. When the prophet SAW visited Aisha, she waited for an opportune moment and pleaded the case for Zainab. The prophet SAW listened to Aisha until she finished, and automatically forgave Zainab and the family life returned to normal.

Aisha later recalled an occasion when the prophet SAW said that among the Mothers of the Believers, the one with the longest arms would him first in Paradise.  So they all started measuring their arms. But when Zainab passed away, they all realized that the prophet SAW didn’t mean the literal meaning, but rather he meant the most generous. So when Zainab, the most generous, passed away first, they all knew, she was the one meant to meet him first in Paradise.

Aisha said that Zainab worked with her own hands, and what she earned, she would spend on works of charity. She also said that Zainab was a God-fearing, straight-forward lady, who practiced abstinence, aiming to only please Allah.

Zainab was a very pure lady at heart, and never carried resentments or grudges against anyone. She made a little mosque in the corner of her house and spent a lot of time there in prayer and meditation. Most of her major decisions in life, were made through praying ‘istikharah’ in that corner of the house.

This righteous lady died during the Caliphate of Omar at the age of 53. When she knew she was about to die, she told the people around her that she had already prepared a shroud for herself. Furthermore, she told them that if Omar sent another shroud for her, then one of them has to be given away in charity. She was such a modest lady that a curtain was drawn in front of her dead body, even though she was wrapped in her shroud.

Omar Al-Farouq led Zainab’s funeral prayer himself, and all her close relatives got down into her grave to lower her gently. And do you know who else got down toZainab’s grave to lower her into her final resting place in Jannat Al-Baqi in Medina? Do you know who? Every single companion from Zainab’s family was there to pay tribute to this great lady. This is Islam!

May Allah be please with Zainab bint Jahsh, with all the Mothers of the Believers and with every righteous, generous and pious Muslim woman who would follow suit.