Women in Islam – Um Rooman – Part 2

On reaching Medina safely, the prophet SAW and Abu Bakr sent for their families to join them. So Um Rooman and Aisha migrated too. When they reached Medina, Um Rooman and Aisha joined Abu Bakr in the house where he had settled. Later on, Um Rooman was the happiest when Aisha left this house as a bride to the prophet’s SAW house.

And when the hypocrites wrongfully accused Aisha by the slanderous gossip, she returned to Um Rooman’s house. But it wasn’t long before Allah revealed to His prophet SAW the verses of innocence of Aisha. Um Rooman and Abu Bakr were both proud and relieved.

Um Rooman was a lady who spent her nights and days in prayer, meditation and supplications to Allah, seeking the goodwill of Allah and His messenger.

One day, when Aisha got a bit jealous from Khadija and expressed her jealousy in the wrong way, it was Um Rooman who apologized to the prophet SAW. Um Rooman told the prophet SAW that Aisha was still very young and that he shouldn’t take her too seriously; a lesson to all mothers-in-law!

And when the prophet SAW started detailing how Khadija believed him when no one else did, and gave him the great gift of children, Um Rooman was silent. Um Rooman kept silent not because she was upset, but rather because she knew that everything the prophet SAW said was by the command of Allah.

In the 6th year of Hijrah, Um Rooman passed away after a life of obedience and worship to Allah and His messenger SAW. During the burial of Um Rooman, the prophet SAW asked Allah to forgive her, adding one more honor to her long list of honors. On this occasion, the prophet SAW said that if any person wanted to see a beautiful celestial virgin to Paradise, he could see Um Rooman.

May Allah SWT fill Um Rooman’s grave with radiance, and gather us with her and the prophet SAW in Jannatul Firdaws, Ameen.