Women in Islam – Um Rooman – Part 1

About her, the prophet SAW said “If any person wants to see a beautiful virgin of Paradise, he can see Um Rooman” [authentic].

Um Rooman was the wife of Abu Bakr Al-Siddique and the mother of Aisha, may Allah be pleased with them. Un Rooman’s real name was Zainab. She was a patient and tolerant lady, who did not jump into hasty conclusions, but gave matters deep thought.

When her husband explained to her the teachings of Islam, Um Rooman didn’t doubt, and instantly gave away the religion of her forefathers. When the prophet SAW saw Um Rooman’s attributes – physical and spiritual – he likened her to a celestial spirit of Paradise.

When she grew up, Um Rooman married Abdullah ibn Harith, and she had a son called Tufail. Um Rooman then moved with her family to Mecca, where her husband became a partner with Abu Bakr Al-Siddique. Soon after their move to Mecca, Um Rooman’s husband, Abdullah, passed away and left her and her son with no support.

Seeing Um Rooman’s conditions after her husband’s death, Abu Bakr Al-Siddique married her. Abu Bakr and Um Rooman soon gave birth to a boy, Abdul Rahman, and a daughter, Aisha. Um Rooman accepted Islam in its earliest days. She swore allegiance at the hand of the prophet SAW himself.

When she witnessed the terrible atrocities committed by Quraish against Muslims, Um Rooman would weep and suffer for the innocents. However, Um Rooman gained strength and courage when she saw the moral of her husband, Abu Bakr, who inspired her by his sacrifice.

Um Rooman devoted her time to the nurturing of her children in the traditions of Islam, under the guidance of the prophet SAW. And when the prophet SAW married her daughter Aisha, Um Rooman had the honor of becoming the prophet’s SAW mother-in-law.

When the prophet SAW was ordered to migrate to Medina, he SAW took Abu Bakr with him, only to find Um Rooman’s full support for her husband. It was very tough for Um Rooman, as she was left without cash, yet she was busy supplicating to Allah for the safe arrival of the prophet SAW to Medina.

in sha’ Allah we see how Um Rooman migrated to Medina to join her husband, in Part 2…