Women in Islam – She Got Allah, She Got it All

In all our previous great women in Islam articles, we presented stories of women companions, and others given the tidings of Paradise. But this time, in shaa’ Allah we will present contemporary ladies; ones you meet in daily life, at work, or even on social networks. Nonetheless, they are great women, who’s choice of Islam, faith, and trust in their Lord is ma shaa’ Allah a great inspiration for all of us.

Or else, how would you explain when a Polish lady in her mid 30s, happily married with two kids, with a decent job, chooses Islam over all this? As a result, she loses her husband, and her kids, but she doesn’t give up Islam. She rather decides to put on her Niqab defending her chastity. A decision which cost her the decent job we’d all dream about in a country like Canada. But make no mistake about it, Islam still won!

You’d think it’s over, but not when you know that few months later, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and needed every kind of support. How about going through all this alone; no husband, no kids, no family; a foreigner in a strange land, with only a few months to live? Wrong! She had Allah! And if Allah is all she got, then she got all she needs. That was surely enough during her long hours of prostration.

Now you tell me the rest of it?Do you expect after ma shaa’Allah such faith and trust in Allah, that she would be turned down? By Allah, No! By Allah’s mercy, Allah, The Healer, healed her and showered her with blessings. And He SWT sent pious people her way from every angle. For He SWT surely defends his obedient servants and pious slaves.He is the Forgiver, the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing. He is Allah, the Gentle.

True story! And it’s an invitation to Sabr (patience) for every new revert to Islam, a reminder for every born Muslim, and an inspiration for all of us!