Women in Islam – Saudah

Saudah bint Zamaah.. the first lady to enter the prophet’s household after the passing away of Khadijah. Saudah is an example of obedience, generosity, loyalty & sacrifice for Muslim women. She was among the first to accept Islam, and she immigrated twice, first to Abyssiniah and then to Medina. She was first married to her cousin Sakran bin Ammar, and Both accepted Islam at an early stage; all her husband’s brothers too accepted Islam and were companions of the prophet PBUH.

One night Saudah dreamt that the prophet entered her house & caught hold of her by the nape of her neck. Her husband interpreted the dream that after his death she would marry the prophet PBUH. Then she had another dream. The second dream was seeing the moon descending into her lap. When her husband heard it, he said ‘My death is immiment’. Her husband indeed died days later, and she felt very lonely. The prophet was lonely too with 4 daughters to raise.

The prophet PBUH married Saudah and gave her 400 Dirhams as Mahr. But when she became old after the immigration to Medina, she entrusted Aisha with her night with the prophet. She had a great sense of humor. She was once offering the voluntary night prayers behind the prophet. The next morning, she told him that his prayer was too long that she feared her nasal vein would burst and her nose bleed, so she held on to her nose. On hearing this, the prophet burst into laughter at the comical image she presented.

She was a warm and simple person. Once Aisha and #Hafssah talked about a monster in front of Saudah. The latter was so scared than she ran away to hide in a dark room full of cobwebs, until the prophet came and explained to her that there was no such monster, and they all burst into laughter.

During Omar’s time, he sent her a bag full of money. On knowing what it was, Saudah distributed it all as charity. Finally, about her Aisha said “I did not wish seeing any woman except Saudah if I could be in her skeleton”.

May Allah be pleased with her.