Women in Islam – Juwairiyah bint Al-Hareth – Part 2

When the Muslims heard that the Prophet SAW freed Juwairiyah and that she converted, they all freed their Bani Mustalaq slaves. And hence, Juwairiyah’s action had the far-reaching result of liberating all her tribe, and thus became a source of blessing.

When Aisha saw Juwairiyah for the first time, she exclaimed that she was as beautiful as a fairy.

Before her marriage to the prophet SAW, Juwairiyah’s name was Barah, and it was the prophet SAW who changed it to Juwairiyah.

Three days before the prophet’s army reached Banu Mustalaq, Juwairiyah had dreamt that the moon fell into her lap from the direction of Medina. When she married the prophet SAW, she was 20 years old. Later on, her father and all her tribe embraced Islam. So Juwairiyah was blessed with a two-fold honor, first for freeing her tribe, and then for bringing them into the fold of Islam.

#Juwairiyah spent most of her time after her marriage to the prophet SAW engrossed in prayer. On one occasion, the prophet SAW left her in the morning lost in meditation and prayer. When he SAW came back in the afternoon, she was still praying and supplicating in the very same position. When the prophet SAW realized that Juwairiyah has been praying and supplicating from morning till afternoon, he taught her four small sentences, and told her they would earn her more than her whole morning prayers.

Those four sentences were “How perfect Allah is and I praise Him by the number of His creation and His pleasure, and by the weight of His Throne, and the extent of His Words” [Muslim].

After the battle of Khaibar, the prophet SAW set for Juwairiyah a fixed amount of dates and barley. And when the prophet SAW passed away, Abu Bakr kept the same amount to Juwairiyah and to the Mothers of the Believers. But when Omar became Caliph, he gave Juwairiyah and Safiyyah half the others, and said because the others migrated from Mecca. But both Juwairiyah and Safiyyah refused,and it was Aisha who interfered and told Omar that the prophet SAW made no distinction. At Aisha’s interference Omar realized that his decision was different from that of the prophet and canceled it.

This story clearly demonstrates how Juwairiyah and the others fought for their rights and proved the Caliph Omar wrong.

Juwairiyah died at the age of 65 in the year 50 of Hijrah during the Caliphate of Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan. The governor of Medina, Marwan ibn Al-Hakam, led Juwairiyah’s funeral prayer and she was buried in Baqi graveyard in Medina.

May Allah be pleased with Juwairiyah, and may Allah bless you all for your time, Ameen.