Women in Islam – Fatimah bint Mohamed – Part 6

One day there was a misunderstanding between Ali and Fatimah, and the prophet SAW went to meet them. On his way to their house, the prophet SAW was troubled and sad. On his way back, he was very much at peace. When asked about it, the prophet SAW said that he just settled some differences between his two children Ali and Fatimah. Another lesson here is how the prophet SAW regarded both his daughter and her husband as “his” two children.

When Ali wanted to marry Abu Jahl’s daughter, the prophet SAW gave us another lesson in objecting. The prophet SAW went to the masjid and gave a sermon, which was meant to touch Ali’s heart rather than escalate the matter. Now listen to what the teacher of mankind SAW had to say about this issue, and how he managed to resolve it.

The prophet SAW said that Fatimah is part of his heart, and anything that made her unhappy displeased him. Now try to put yourself in Ali’s place while hearing those words; well, Fatimah was Ali’s love too, don’t you think? Then the prophet SAW drew Ali’s attention to something as important with regards to that intended marriage. The prophet SAW said that the daughter of Allah’s messenger and the daughter of His enemy can’t marry the same man. And that was enough for Ali to change his mind, and instantly apologize to Fatimah. And things went back to normal.

One day Ali asked the prophet SAW who was dearer to him, himself or Fatimah? Now how would you answer this question? Let’s listen once again to the teacher of mankind as he answers the question in a way to please them both, and learn. The prophet SAW said that he loved Fatimah more, but that Ali was dearer to him than her; a masterly piece of diplomacy.

Ali and Fatimah got their first child in the 3rd year of Hijrah. When the prophet SAW heard the news he was very happy. The prophet SAW recited the Athan in his ear, and named him Al-Hassan. And in the 4th year of Hijrah, a second son was born for Ali and Fatimah. The prophet SAW named him Al-Hussain.

The prophet SAW loved Fatimah and Ali’s two sons dearly, and used to say they were like blossoms. The prophet SAW also said that they both would be the leaders of the youths of Paradise, and that he SAW would love all those who loved Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein.

To be continued in sha’ Allah in Part 7…