Women in Islam – Fatimah bint Mohamed – Part 1

Today’s lady is the leader of the women of Paradise. Today’s lady is the one which had the remarkable resemblance to the prophet SAW. Today’s lady was remarkably similar to the prophet SAW in his way of speaking, sitting, standing and walking. Today’s lady is Fatimah bint Mohamed. Today’s lady is the prophet’s SAW youngest and favorite daughter.

Fatimah married the prophet’s SAW cousin Ali ibn Abi Talib. She was the mother of the great martyrs of Islam, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein. She wa born in Mecca few years before her father SAW was granted prophethood.

Although both prophet Mohamed SAW and Khadijah already had 3 daughters, they showed great happiness at Fatimah’s birth. Going against the customs, Khadijah didn’t send Fatimah to be breast fed in the surrounding villages, but did it herself.

Khadijah, Fatimah and all her three sisters embraced Islam the moment her father SAW was declared messenger of Allah. Fatimah spent her early years under the direct loving and tender care of both her parents. Zeal for the defense of what is sacred and love of the righteous was ingrained in her heart.

Fatimah was only ten years old when she attended the three-year siege (social and economic boycott) of Shi’b Abi Talib. She was extremely courageous during the siege, but this terrible time left a negative lifetime effect on her health. The least effort, such as that of grinding wheat, fetching water or cooking left her exhausted due to that siege.

Aisha said that she never saw anyone more devoted to the truth than Fatimah. She stood shoulder to shoulder with the other Muhajerin and Ansar women, tending to the injured and the dying in the battle of Uhud. And when she saw her father SAW bleeding in the Battle, she just couldn’t take it, yet she still bandaged his wounds.

To be completed in sha’ Allah in Part 2…