Fear Allah in Women – Part 2

When the prophet commanded his Ummah (nation) to fear Allah in women in his final sermon, he probably knew how much they’d eventually deviate from his teachings. So this is a good time to dig deeper into this simple, yet dangerous commandment where he SAW said it clear “Fear Allah in Women”.

How do we know then if we’re properly applying the prophet’s command of fearing Allah in women? Simple, if you do like him you abide, otherwise, no for Allah SWT said “Verily in the messenger of Allah you have a good example for him who looks unto Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much” (33:21). So let’s ask this again, why was the prophet SAW sent? He SAW answered “Verily, I was not sent but to perfect and complete the best ethics” [Authentic].

So now that you “must” follow the prophet SAW, who was especially sent to perfect ethics, let me ask, did you ever read that he beat any woman?! I want us to hear from the prophet’s wives themselves about this issue of beating women because it is of extreme importance nowadays. Did the prophet beat any woman? Aisha’s testimony: “The Prophet SAW has never beaten with his hand, neither a woman, nor a child” [Muslim]. Safiya’s testimony: “Never have I seen anyone better on character than the Messenger of Allah SAW” [Tabarani].

Now seriously, when you deliberately go beat any woman, who exactly are you taking as your role model when you do this? Abu Jahl?! Beating any woman, no matter who she is, even your own maid, has absolutely nothing to do with the teachings of the prophet SAW. Do you need proof? Well, Anas ibn Malik, who served the prophet SAW for 10 years, starting at a pretty young age, has an important testimony to make here. Anas’ testimony: “I served the Prophet SAW for years. He has never insulted me, never hit me, never scolded me and never frowned to me”[Baghawi].

Therefore, before resorting to Halal and Haram to justify beating any woman, you first need to know and admit that the prophet SAW never beat any woman! Now talking about Halal and Haram, are you aware that the initial ruling regarding beating women/wives in Islam is that it’s FORBIDDEN?! The initial ruling as stated by the prophet SAW goes as follows “Do not beat women” [Abu Dawud & Ibn Majah], every other ruling is an exception people! It wasn’t until husbands complained that wives disobeyed them and mistreated them that the prophet SAW allowed it; it was the EXCEPTION!

Consequently, if you beat your wife without her disobeying or mistreating you, the prophet SAW said “those men are not the best among you” [Abu Dawud & Ibn Majah]. So initially, beating women was forbidden, then it was exceptionally allowed, and finally it was ruled as disliked (Makrouh) and Haram if abused. So before even thinking about it, please remember that “The Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hand the people are safe” [Nasai].

To be resumed inshaa Allah in Part 3…