Prophet Muhammad Biography – Part 14 – Purification Over Purification

And then the revelation was let up for a while, i.e. it stopped coming down for a period of time. And why do you this happened? Allah, the Merciful, wanted to allow enough time for the terror that has seized the prophet SAW to depart. Furthermore, Allah, the Wise, wanted the prophet SAW to long for the return of revelation, and hence take the message strongly.

Now let us hear in the words of the prophet SAW how the revelation resumed after a short period of let up:

“While I was walking, I heard a voice in the sky. I raised my gaze, and there was the angel who had come to me in Hira’. He was seated on a throne between the Heavens and the earth, and I became frightened by him. I then returned and said ‘Cover me’. Then Allah revealed the following:

‘O you enveloped [in garments). Arise and warn! And your Lord magnify. And your garments purify. And keep away from the idols’ (Quran 74:1-5).

Revelation intensified and (verses) then came (down) in succession” [Bukhari].

During the period the revelation had stopped coming down, the prophet SAW became so sad and confused. He SAW used to go up the mountains, full of sadness, and each time Jibreel would come and tell him “Indeed, you are the messenger of Allah”.

Then once the revelation resumed, the prophet SAW knew for sure that he is a prophet sent by Allah. And once the verses of Surat Al-Mudather were revealed, he SAW knew that the past with its calmness and rest was over with. At this stage, the prophet knew that before him was a monumental mission, which required preparedness, vigilance, patience, and hard work.

Those verses from Surat Al-Mudather were the first ones in which the prophet SAW was commanded to convey the teachings of Islam. They were meant to motivate the prophet SAW into action and to encourage him to live up to the duties he was being entrusted with.

“Arise and warn!”, can you see the hidden message here? He was being notified that his message was going to be met with resistance.

“And your Lord magnify”, because Allah is greater than all attacks people are going to wage on you, so fear nothing and magnify Allah.

“And your garments purify”, from this moment on, you will have to be even more purified and honorable in your character.

“And keep away from the idols”, you always did due to your purified nature, but from this moment on, you will do it solely for Allah.

To be resumed in shaa’ Allah in Part 15…