Muhammad SAW and Khadijah RA Love Story – Part 1

When faced with the greatest fear of his life, that of the first revelation, the prophet SAW ran to Khadijah RA. Back then, the prophet SAW was in search for Allah, so he could only find comfort and protection in the arms of his true love, Khadijah. And with her warmth and soothing words, Khadijah reassured the prophet SAW that she didn’t have any doubt he was blessed by Allah.

The lesson here for the rest of us, once we put our trust in Allah, is to share our worries with our spouses, to allow for the love to grow. “By Allah, Allah will never disgrace you. You uphold the ties of kinship, speak truthfully, help the poor and destitute, serve your guests generously and assist those who are stricken by calamity” [Bukhari & Muslim] were her words. Subhan Allah, well chosen words, which took the prophet SAW from the state of horror and fear, to the warmth and peace of his beloved wife. Those words, which marked the start of an era, where a woman, Khadijah RA, put all her life, wealth and effort for the defense of Islam.

So as much as Aisha RA helped teach and spread Islam after the prophet’s SAW death, Khadijah RA defended it in the early tough days. Aisha RA and Khadijah RA are only competitors in the head of the sick; they rather complete each other in the life of the prophet SAW. So instead of being dragged to comparisons between Aisha and Khadijah, a Muslim should strive to learn the lessons,especially the love ones.

When the Prophet SAW and his family were banished to the hills outside of Mecca, Khadijah went there with him when she could have stayed. For three full years of hardship and deprivation, Khadijah, the loyal wife, refused to leave her beloved husband SAW alone. Those years of hardship eventually led to Khadijah’s death, yet she never hesitated even for a second, to give her all for Islam.

Did you ever ask yourself, why there is so many Ahadith about Khadijah after her death when compared to those when she was alive? This was a mixture of true love and loyalty. A mixture never found in the history of mankind, except between Muhammed SAW and Khadijah RA.

No wonder years after Khadijah’s death, when the prophet SAW came across a necklace of hers,he remembered her and began to cry and mourn. No wonder, when he SAW was married to her, he didn’t marry anyone else. And when Aisha RA jealously inquired, he had to make it clear: “She believed in me when no one else did; she accepted Islam when people rejected me; and she helped and comforted me when there was no one else to lend me a helping hand” [Bukhari]. And no wonder, no Muslim would be able to love their spouses, unless they study the prophet’s SAW love for his wives.

To be resumed in shaa Allah in Part 2…