The Miraculous Quran – Part 4

The names in the Quran are yet another miracle as they have a strong relation with the personality, hence they are descriptive by nature. Look for instance at the name ‘Allah’, which is derived from ilah (one who is worshiped) and from verb alaha (worship). ‘Allah’ is also derived from the word ‘aliha’ which is used to describe a thirsty child in desperate need for his mother’s milk. So just as the child desperately needs his mother, Allah is desperately needed by all people.There is no one to turn to except He SWT.

Now let us look at how the word ‘love’ is used in the Quran in relation to Allah SWT. In Arabic, there are lots of words which mean ‘love’. There is ‘Hub’, ‘Ishq and ‘Ulfah’, but the strongest of them all is ‘Wadd’. So when Allah SWT wanted to described Himself, He used “Al-Wadood” (the Loving) with “Al” implying He is THE most advanced in that field. So Allah, Al-Wadood is THE MOST Intensive, Excessive, Loving One ever.

And if you look at the letters of the name ‘Adam’ in Arabic, you’d discover that they mean something which is seasoned, mixed or mingled. The root letters of the word ‘Adam’ in Arabic also mean an object of imitation, tanned skin, or the surface of the earth or ground. And prophet Adam AS was indeed mixed/mingled and united from dust, to be the object of imitation for all his children; so descriptive!

Now look at the name of your prophet SAW, which is derived from ‘Hamd’ (praise and acknowledgement of noteworthy qualities and actions). Prophet Muhammad has this honorable name given to him because he is a person who is praised repeatedly, genuinely and out of love and respect.

To be resumed in shaa Allah in Part 5…