Tafsir – AlBaqarah – Part 27

2:45 “And seek help in patience and prayer; and truly it is hard except for those who prostrate before Me with sincerity”.

Allah commanded His servants to use patience and prayer to acquire the good of this life and the Hereafter. Some scholars say that patience here means fasting. Al-Qurtubi commented that “This is why Ramadan is called the month of patience”. Others said that “patience” here means refraining from evil, and this is why it was mentioned along with practicing acts of worship.

Omar ibn Al-Khattab said”There are two types of patience: good patience when the disaster strikes, and a better patience while avoiding the prohibitions of Allah”.

“and truly it is hard” refers to prayer. It is possible that the pronoun might be referring to the advice of patience and prayer.

“except for those who prostrate before Me with sincerity”, i.e. those who believe in what Allah has revealed.

2:46 “Who know that they have to meet their Lord, and that it is to Him they are to return”.

This verse distinguishes those who know that they will be gathered and face their Lord on the Day of Resurrection.

“and that it is to Him they are to return” meaning, their affairs are all subject to His will and He justly decides what He wills. They’re certain that the’ll be returned to Allah and be reckoned, so it’s easy for them to obey Allah & refrain from the prohibitions.

To be resumed in Part 28…