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In UK,university fees are £9000,my parents only earn £16000.It is impossible for us to pay this fees as we already struggle so much financially. Rent is £8400 a year for us. Then food,bills use the rest money, we have no savings.There are loans available for university but with interest of 1.5%

There is a lot more into this.. I know exactly where you’re coming from.. and I know how hard it is, and how eager and willing our parents are to make the best out of us.. however, the numbers “alone” are not enough to justify Riba (usury).. actually, nothing would ever justify a forbidden act.. I’m so sorry for being so direct.. but how about other universities? public universities? How about Islamic financing?
See, Allah SWT says “and whoever fears Allah – Allah will create for him a way out” (65:2).. our problem, most of us, is that we want the way out first, then we would be willing to obey Allah.. it doesn’t work like this..
I wouldn’t get that which I cannot afford.. this is what I’ve applying to myself, and been “begging” every Muslim I know to do..
May Allah SWT find a way out of Riba for you, and guide you to what He SWT pleases..
And Allah knows best..

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