The Youth Model in the Story of Joseph – Part 4

The wife of Al-Aziz had made her decision, and if it weren’t for his Lord’s mercy, Joseph would have fallen in her trap.

“And (with passion) did she desire him, and he would bave desired her, but that he saw the evidence of his Lord. Thus (did We order) that We might tum away from him (all) evil and indecent deeds: for he was one of Our servants chosen” (12:24).

Faced with the uncontrolled desire of this woman, Joseph could not do anything except try to escape to the door. She chased him and held him and in trying to free himself of her, Joseph’s shirt was ripped in the back.

Joseph’s shirt later became the evidence of his innocence, just like it was the evidence against his brothers before. Subhan Allah!

Then came help as his lord Al-Aziz appeared at the door which brought the scene to an end to Joseph’s benefit, PBUH. The arrival of Al-Aziz at that crucial moment was surely one of the signs of Allah as it revealed a constant protection for that servant.

“So they both raced each other to the door, and ghe tore his shirt from the back. They both found her lord near the door. She said: what is the (fitting) punishment for one who formed and evil design against thy wife, but prison or a grievous chastisement? He said: it was she who sought to seduce me – from my (true) self. And one of her household bore witness: if it be that his shirt is rent from the front, then is her tale true, and he is a liar! But if it be that his shirt is torn from the back, then is she the liar, and he is telling the truth! So when he saw his shirt -torn at the back- (her husband) said: Behold! it is a snale of you women! Truly mighty is your snale!” (12:25-28).

So Al-Aziz’s insight, knowledge, and experience led him to bear witness that Joseph was speaking the truth.

This incident was soon spread in the form of a rumour on the lips of people throughoui the city. The incident of Al-Aziz soon became known among the women of the city and became the subject gossip.

When the gossip reached Al-Aziz and his wife, the wife thought long and hard on how to entrap these women who were gossiping about her

More on this in sha’ Allah in Part 5…