The Story of Ayyoub AS (Job in Islam) – Part 3

Shaytaan, under complete shock, still couldn’t believe how Ayyoub AS remained steadfast in his faith despite losing all his wealth and children. Then suddenly, Shaytaan resorted to an even trickier trap for Ayyoub AS. It was his last but most severe plan of attack! Ayyoub’s health!

Shaytaan concluded that Ayyoub AS remained faithful despite losing all his wealth and children because he was still healthy. So as far as Shaytaan is concerned, Ayyoub AS remained faithful with the hope of regaining both his wealth and children, but nothing more. Shaytaan hence thought that once he inflicts Ayyoub’s AS body, the latter would lose it all, and would give up on his faith altogether.

And for the third time, Allah allowed Shaytaan (the Devil) to afflict Ayyoub’s AS body with disease, reducing it to more skin and bones. Ayyoub AS, whom patience became known after his name, never complained nor asked anyone for help; his faith rather grew stronger! And as the disease lasted for quite a long time, Ayyoub’s AS faith grew stronger by the day, to the point of almost defeating Shaytaan.

Furthermore, Ayyoub’s AS relatives and friends started getting disgusted of his disease and everybody deserted him except his wife. And now Shaytaan, who previously misled Adam AS out of Paradise, found himself helpless for the first time in front of Ayyoub’s patience.

So disguised once again in the form of man, Shaytaan decided to attack Ayyoub AS indirectly through his loving wife. Shaytaan reminded Ayyoub’s wife of the good old days, the days of wealth, health and children until she burst into tears!

Lesson number five: Your current days are the best of your life, no matter how Shaytaan tries to make them look otherwise.

Lesson number six: If Shaytaan can’t trap you directly, he would do it through loved ones, so be smart and careful!

Full of tears, Ayyoub’s wife asked him how long he is willing to bear such torture, without wealth, health or children. She questioned Ayyoub’s logic for not calling upon Allah to remove all this suffering at once. Now listen to how Ayyoub AS tackled it.

Ayyoub AS asked his wife how long he has enjoyed wealth and health. She replied: 80 years. He asked her how long he has been suffering. She replied: Seven years. So Ayyoub finally told his wife that he’d be ashamed to call on his Lord to remove the hardship as prosperity was much longer than trial. And seeing her faith weakened as she seemed dissatisfied with Allah’s decree he swore to punish her with 100 strokes if he regains health. And only then, Ayyoub AS turned to his Lord, not to complain, but rather to seek mercy. Let’s read it from the Quran.

“And Ayyub (Job), when he cried to his Lord: Verily, distress has seized me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy. So We answered his call, and We removed the distress that was on him, and We restored his family to him and the like thereof along with them as a mercy from Ourselves and a Reminder for all those who worship Us” (21:83-84).

“And remember Our slave Ayyoub (Job), when he invoked his Lord: Verily Satan has touched me with distress and torment Strike the ground with your foot: This is (a spring of) water to wash in, and a cool and (refreshing) drink” (38:41-42).

So for seeking Mercy, Allah SWT rewarded Ayyoub by healing him, and it didn’t end there, rather all his wealth and children were restored too. And what about Ayyoub’s wife, whom he promised to punish with 100 strokes if he recovers? Even there, Allah SWT found a way for him.

“And take in your hand a bundle of thin grass and strike therewith (your wife), and break not your oath” (38:44). Allahu Akbar!

So the core lesson of Ayyoub’s story is: Be with Allah, and the whole world shall be at your feet. If you have Allah, you have it all, it’s as simple as this really. Your only challenge though, is that Shaytaan wouldn’t want you to! So what’s your weapon in all this struggle?! Patience, patience and patience, until Allah finds a way for you, and He SWT surely would.