Learn Arabic – Lesson 6

In this lesson, we will focus on the use of the words “That” and “And” in the Arabic language.

Thalek=That= ذلك || Wa=And= و .. now let’s see how these two words are used in Arabic sentences.

We previously know that the word “This” in Arabic is “Hatha” written هذا, so now we know that the word “That” is “Thalek” ذلك.

Now how do you say: “This is a house and that is a mosque” in Arabic? Answer: هذا بيت وذلك مسجد.

Please note how the word “and” in Arabic “و” was written attached to the next word “ذلك”. This is “always” the case in Arabic. Also note from the previous lesson, how the words “is” and “a” have no equivalent in Arabic. Hence the sentence is shorter.

Now let’s learn some vocabulary to use with the words “hatha”, “wa” and “thalek”: Sukkar=sugar= سُكَّر . Notice the Dammah on the letter ‘S’ سُ making it ‘Su’; also the shaddah and fathah on the letter ‘K’ ك making it ‘kka’.

Laban=milk= لَبَن || Also here there is a Fathah on both the letter ‘L’ لَ making it ‘la”, and ‘B’ بَ making it ‘ba’.

To put both words in a sentence, we can say: This is sugar and that is milk = هذا سُكَّر وذلك لَبَن (the و is attached to ذلك as usual).

And from the previous lesson vocabulary, we can say: This is a book and that is a pen = هذا كتاب وذلك قلم.

This is a bed and that is a chair = هذا سرير وذلك كرسي.