The Day of Arafat

Brothers and Sisters, this is your best morning of the year, It’s the Day of Arafah! And in this article, we’ll be discussing how to arrange our schedule in order to make the best out of this blessed day.

  1. Sleep early the day before, so you can be fit to worship Allah on the Day of Arafah.
  2. Wake up at least one hour before Fajr so you can have time to have your ‘Sohoor’.
  3. Pray at least four Rak’as before Fajr. Prostrate and supplicate as faithfully as you can.
  4. Until Fajr ‘Athan’, spend your time asking Allah for forgiveness.
  5. Pray dawn and sit in your place until 15 minutes after sunrise.
  6. Start ‘Takbir’ immediately after ‘Salam’ (finishing) the Dawn prayer.
  7. Read the Koran and praise your Lord with “Allahu Akbar”, “La ilaha ella Allah” & “Akhamdu Lillah”. Don’t forget your morning Dhikr.
  8. Now pray the Doha (sunrise) prayer so you get the reward of Hajj and Umrah with the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. Don’t u miss it!
  9. If you can stay up until Maghrib, just do it and don’t waste a second without Dhikr and supplication. Be sure Allah will answer you!
  10. If you’re too tired, you may sleep for an hour or two maximum, with the intention to regain strength to obey Allah.
  11. Once you wake up, do ablution and pray its Sunnah (2 rak’ahs). Then resume your Dhikr and supplication.
  12. Pray Duhr and its Sunnah (before and after), then resume your Dhikr (Allahu Akbar, La ilaha ella Allah & Alhamdu Lillah). Read the Quran!
  13. Watch or listen to the sermon of Arafah live. Do it with all your senses, with the intention to apply the whole year.
  14. Pray Asr, resume your Takbir and say your Night Dhikr.
  15. Read the Quran until one hour before Sunset. Read it with the intention that Allah grants you faith and sincerity in supplication.
  16. Now this is probably your most important morning hour of the year. It’s the hour before sunset on the Day of Arafah. SUPPLICATE all you can!
  17. Imagine the day you will be standing in front of your Lord on Judgement Day. Do not forget your Muslim brothers and sisters everywhere!
  18. Supplicate that the sun doesn’t set on this day unless your sins are forgiven and your body forbidden to the Hell Fire.
  19. As the sun sets, do your best to be crying out of faith, joy, and strict belief that you are now a new forgiven slave.
  20. It’s Maghrib, so time for Iftar, but before you do, remember the supplication of the fasting person. It’s granted for sure!
  21. Pray Maghrib, resume your Takbir, and praise Allah for blessing you with the Day of Arafah.

May Allah accept your fasting, supplications and worship on this blessed Day of Arafah.