Friday Sermon: Your Ultimate Goal – Part 6

All thanks and praises are due to Allah, Whom we thank, seek for help and invoke for forgiveness. I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Mohamed is His slave and Messenger.

One thing the devil tempts us all to forget, is the true meaning of ‘Uboodiyyah’ (worship); that is the one thing Allah has created us for. We were created to worship Allah, and that’s the easy part, because the part we seem to forget is how to. Worshiping Allah means that all our lives should be in accordance with what is pleasing to Him, Him alone, and none else. Full stop!

This translates into the fact that our days and nights, thoughts and words, actions and movements, life and death are all for Allah. So as Ibn Taymiyyah puts it “Ibadah(serving Allah) is a term that comprises everything that Allah loves and approves” apparent and hidden.

So if you wonder what happened to the Muslims nowadays, they just need to be brought to the worship of Allah alone in all their affairs and conditions. Therefore, nothing is going to change before we all owe everything of ourselves and our lives to our Lord. We have no option but to worship Him. We don’t have the choice of obeying some of Allah’s commands and ignoring others, and unfortunately, this is the case, and we all know it.

Obedience to Allah in everything, great and small, like “a man belonging wholly to one master” (39:29) is what the world needs today. People have taken other gods besides Allah while others have rejected Allah altogether and taken other gods instead, and what are we doing? WATCHING!

Now please pay attention to this next quote by Ibn Taymiyyah as it sheds light on how severe the world has become by us watching it:

“As the Heavens and the Earth would be ruined and corrupted if they had other gods besides Allah, the same thing could happen to the heart. If there is within the heart a longing for a god other than Allah, this heart will become seriously diseased and corrupted. This disease will not be cured until this `false god’ has-been removed from the heart and replaced with the true God Who is the object of the heart’s love, hope, fear, reliance, and turning to Him in repentance”.

It’s not the lack of resources, oppression, wars, or the absence of democracy. It’s rather that people refuse to become slaves of Allah.

So this was my reminder to myself first, before anyone else, that one should start with himself before judging others. May Allah guide us all to His Straight Path, help us be His slaves, and let us worship Him, and Him alone, none besides Him. Ameen!

May Allah bless you all for reading this Friday sermon, and may He forgive us all on this blessed day, Ameen. Jumaah Mubarak to all of you!