99 Names of Allah: Al-Jabbar

“He is Allah, except Whom there is no God; the King, the Pure, Peace,the Guardian, the Protector, the Most Honorable, the Compeller”  (59:23). Allah is the Compeller, Al-Jabbar, a word in Arabic which, when applied to objects, means gigantic or too high to reach. The same word “Jabbar”, when applied to humans, means tyranny, arrogance and unjust. And when applied to Allah, Al-Jabbar means the One Who cannot possibly be perceived by minds, seen by eyes nor attained by minds.

Al-Jabbar also means the One Who consoles and comfort others. Actually the verb ‘Jabara’ in Arabic means setting broken things. Al-Jabbar is therefore the One Who enriches the poor, consoles the weak, gives the needy and graces the lowly; none but Allah! 

Al-Jabbar is also the One Who compels His slaves to do as He SWT pleases, i.e. you will and I will, but Allah does what He wills; Al-Jabbar. Pharoah killed every newborn boy to protect his kingdom, yet Al-Jabbar protected Musa AS (Moses) until he destroyed Pharaoh and his kingdom.

Youssef’s AS (Joseph) brothers plotted every trick to get rid of him, yet Al-Jabbar willed that he becomes Ruler of Egypt; and He did!

Ibrahim’s AS (Abraham) people made the greatest fire of all to burn him, yet Al-Jabbar willed that nature changes to protect him, and He did.

If you know Al-Jabbar, you wouldn’t fear or humiliate yourself to anyone but Allah, as none deserves to be feared or besought but Him. Consequently, a Muslim, who truly knows Al-Jabbar, is never a tyrant or an oppressor, but rather kind and generous, fearing Al-Jabbar!