The Life of Abu Bakr Al-Siddik – Part 4

The prophet SAW said “As for you, Abu Bakr, you will be the first of my Ummah (nation) to enter Paradise” [Abu Dawud]. He SAW also said “Truly, one of the most generous people to me, with his company and his property, is Abu Bakr, and if I were to take an intimate friend apart from my Lord I would have taken Abu Bakr, but there is the brotherhood of Islam” [Bukhari].

Let’s now look at Umar’s testimony on Abu Bakr Al-Siddik. Umar Ibn Al-Khattab said “Abu Bakr is our chief” [Bukhari]. He rA also said “If the faith of Abu Bakr was to be weighed against the faith of the inhabitants of the earth, he would outweigh them” [Bayhaqi]. Now listen to Ali rA “By the One in Whose hand is my self, we never strove to be first in a good action but that Abu Bakr was before us in it”  [Tabarani].

Let us now look at four “facts”, which differentiate Abu Bakr Al-Siddik from every other companion, and every other person in this Ummah. First, he was named Al-Siddik, for believing the prophet SAW before anyone else, and no one either before him or after was given this honor. Second, he was the prophet’s companion in the cave and on Hijrah, and no one was honored with anything even close to it. Third, during his late illness, the prophet SAW ordered that he, out of all companions, leads the prayer at his place. A woman asked the prophet SAW what she should do if she comes one day and doesn’t find him (referring to his death), so what was his reply? Listen carefully now, the prophet SAW said “‘If you don’t find me then come to Abu Bakr” [Bukhari & Muslim].

When the prophet’s SAW illness became severe, he said “Command Abu Bakr and let him lead the people in prayer” [Bukhari & Muslim]. Why do you think the prophet SAW commanded that Abu Bakr out of all people replace him in leading the people in prayer? And when Aisha rA tried to find excuses for her father not to replace the prophet in leading the prayer, what was the prophet’s reaction? The prophet SAW repeated his command one more time, and when Aisha still tried to find excuses, the prophet SAW got furious, why?! The prophet repeated his command for a third time and added “truly you are the female companions of Yusuf” because he was delivering a message! And the message was that in leading the people in prayer, the prophet SAW was already appointing Abu Bakr as his Caliph.

To be resumed inshaa Allah in Part 5..