The Life of Abu Bakr Al-Siddik – Part 1

His name was Abdullah Ibn Abi Quhafah, and his family was connected to that of the prophet SAW through his grand father Murrah. He earned his famous nickname “Al-Siddik” for never hesitating to affirm the prophet SAW and adhering steadfastly to the message of Islam. Before getting into any details, let it be very clear, that the best person to have served Islam after the prophet SAW, is Abu Bakr!

He was born two years after the birth of the Prophet SAW, and he died two years after the prophet’s death, subhan Allah! He spent his early life in Mecca, traveling only to conduct his trade business, being one of Mecca’s most wealthy and noble men. Before Islam, he never drank wine nor spoke/composed poetry, and when asked why, his reply “‘to protect my honor and guard my manliness”.

He was a fair man, of slender build, thin cheeks, slight stoop, skinny face, deep eyes, prominent forehead, and fleshless hands. The first among “men” to have accepted Islam and to perform prayer with the prophet SAW was Abu Bakr Al-Siddik; Ali being the first among boys. The prophet SAW described how Abu Bakr rA accepted Islam in a beautiful Hadith, which reflects the uniqueness of this noble companion. He SAW said “‘I have never Invited anyone to Islam except that he had an aversion to it, and Irresolution and deliberation, except Abu Bakr” [Authentic].

Then eventually the prophet SAW had to declare the message to his people, so how did they reply to him, and how did Abu Bakr reply? Let’s read from Bukhari: The prophet SAW said “People, I am the Messenger of Allah to you all,” and they said “You are lying”, while Abu Bakr said “You have told the truth” [Bukhari].

Abu Bakr accompanied the prophet SAW throughout his life, even before revelation, never missing a battle nor missing emigration to Medina! An event, honored by a revelation where Allah SWT said “The second of two when the two of them were in the cave” (9:40). It was none but Abu Bakr!

He is also known for his bravery and defense of the prophet SAW, especially when Okbah ibn Abi Maeet tried to throttle the prophet SAW, so Abu Bakr shouted “Would you kill a man because he says: My Lord is Allah, and he has come to you with clear signs from your Lord?” [Bukhari].

To be resumed inshaa Allah in Part 2…